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 U.S. BIOBIO Technology Co., Ltd, a professional biometric (Biometrice) development company with R & D production BioLife series Hotel proximity card lock system, and integration of home lock face, fingerprint and proximity card access control card Missions and professional integration system , Su-affirmed for the industry, best-selling multi-national, popular acclaim. 

American BIOBIO to let people share BioLife this revolutionary product excellence, established in 2001, Taiwan Branch-Bio Bio Technology Co., Ltd. Yi-Qun, ten years for companies, government agencies, information security, improved productivity and the general families of all kinds fingerprint application, providing complete solutions, with BioLife original precise excellent quality, and popular prices, and soon recognized choice for everyone; such as Mega Financial Holding, a letter of fresh water, Lucky Cement, unified chain of gas stations Seiko Smile, National Taiwan Ocean University, Soochow University, National Security Bureau, 85 degrees C, China's shipping ... so, organizations have installed thousands of companies, feel BioLife unlimited value-added benefit of safe and convenient.

Currently set up production lines in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, enhance product quality management.

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