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Home Q & A Hardware maintenance on Attendance
Attendance low key sound weird, how to solve??
TA-600 audio chip location??
Does Attendance remove other operational features voice chip is no problem it??
Doorbell problem, Detailed??
RS232 communication, Detailed??
TAP-02 can not find the access control function in the menu, why not??
TAP-02 on how administrators can not access the menu??
TAU-01 power supply specifications??
Fingerprint attendance machine is another new import, the fingerprint can not open the door but how to solve??
Attendance time will slow down?, How to solve??
TAU-01 LCD fades to transfer a text button? Locations in?
TAP-01 with heavy voice by finger tips, but no thank you speech, why not?
TAP-01 packing details?
TAP-01 to connect the RS485?
TAP-01 and the Modem to connect?
TAS-300LCD text fades how to adjust??
TAP-01 control box size?
How clean the LCD?
TAP-01 network settings ip any restrictions or pay attention to it?
TAP-01 network speed is set: automatic, but the connection unstable, how to resolve?
TAP-01 network connection unstable, how to resolve?
If the door out to be used for attendance access control, how to resolve?
TAU-01 Fingerprint Reader subsidence how to resolve?
Customers with a RS485 connection TAP-01, but can not exceed 100 meters I do not know what exigencies?
If you want to change the ID + fingerprint attendance all verify you?
Attendance to how to replace the internal battery for the clock?
If you want to adjust the mute attendance machine, how to adjust?
If the sound of more and more small attendance how to adjust?
EM card and Mifare card, the two differ?
There are several EM card, the two differ?
PPT-01 and PPT-02 cards are EM induction machine, the two differ?
Unplug the control box and then plug the power cord, fingerprint time and attendance will be a flashing red light meter, how to do?
There are sets of TA-200's LCD text is not clear text broken, how do?
How to change the firware version, before the amendment must first consult the original firware version of the hardware and can support the change, if you can, then
TAP-01 customers to use a floating IP inter-network connection, but Rom line, their company does not only provide dynamic IP and static IP, how do?

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